30 Commons Areas Not Cleaned Enough

March 3rd, 2015

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Over the years we have noticed on average there are areas in the home that people either forget to clean, forget requiring cleaning or simply don't have to to clean. We have compiled a cleaning list for you. Don't forget we are here to help and can tackle these for you as well.

  1. Cleaning and disinfecting under the kitchen sink
  2. Washing and applying disinfectant to door knobs
  3. Washing doors and door frames
  4. Blinds
  5. Pets food dishes
  6. Bathroom ceiling fans
  7. Underneath and behind your fridge and stove
  8. Wash in and out all garbage cans in all rooms of your home
  9. Washing and applying disinfectant to tv remote controls
  10. Cleaning your pillows and duvet
  11. Changing tea towels or hand drying towels
  12. Washing and applying disinfectant to light switches
  13. Vacuuming couches and under the cushions
  14. Washing baseboards
  15. The kitchen and bathroom sinks
  16. Cleaning your dishwasher
  17. Washing out the tooth brush drawer
  18. Cleaning the cutlery drawer
  19. Cleaning your washer and dryer
  20. Your home and cell phones
  21. Your sheets and pillow cases
  22. Underneath and behind your washer and dryer
  23. Bathroom mats
  24. Pets bedding
  25. Light fixtures and ceiling fans
  26. The walls and cabinets surrounding the toilet
  27. Placemats
  28. Curtains / drapes
  29. Behind your head board
  30. Your tooth brush holder

We are very honoured to announce we are Vancouver’s Top Choice Cleaning Company for 2015. We are proud members of the BBB and are Eco and pet friendly. So whatever your needs are, let us help take something off of your to do list so you can finally have some you time. Call us for more information at 604 - 724 - 8502.


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