How To Properly Clean A Window

March 30th, 2015

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These days it seems like there's so many different options for cleaning things in your home. Our clients always ask us how do we clean windows so fast and so perfect. Well it's back to the basics really. You don't need all these fancy products or cloths. All you need is 3 things. Water or pink solution, 2 terry towel cloths and a good quality squeegee.


When I say good quality I mean don't run out to your local hardware store or big box store and buy the most expensive squeegee they have. I mean go to an actual janitorial store or cleaning company like us and purchase a real high quality squeegee. The grade of rubber is very important when cleaning a window.


Now to clean your windows. Take one of your terry towels and get them wet with water then ring out but make sure it's still quite damp. Then if you want spray the glass with pink solution of its very dirty otherwise don't worry about spraying it at all. Take your damp cloth and just quickly ash the window pane down top to bottom. Then use place your squeegee on the window pane and start from the upper left corner and pull it to the right. Before getting to the other side do a half circle and bring it back again. The trick here is NEVER take the rubber off the window. You aren't going to get in all the corners and that's totally okay.


Once you get to the bottom of the window take your brand new dry terry towel and wipe all the edges to collect and water and drips. Then look at the window and wipe anywhere you can see water or sections missed. As you will see once you do that the window will look show room perfect. The total process should take a maximum of 45 seconds.


That's how to properly and efficiently clean your windows like the professionals. Please if you have any questions feel free to contact us. There's always someone at Brilliant Cleaning here to help you.


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